Animation Sketchbook

I found myself falling back a lot on my fine arts training for the sketchbook project. Without thinking about it I chose to draw almost exclusively from life, something that was always stressed in my drawing classes, and in graphite, my medium of choice for undergrad. I’ve excluded all the project sketches and notes from this collection, as I wasn’t making them with this exercise in mind.

I didn’t enter this assignment with any real plan, except to draw what struck my fancy on any given day. Looking at all the drawings together it’s easy to see them as a record of where I spent my time. There are several drawings of the kitchen table, wine bottles and glasses, and home interiors. It’s probably not surprising that there’s a view of water towers from my office or a lot of plants in my apartment.

I enjoyed this assignment, but I did have trouble remembering to do the drawings every day. I would often find myself doing them in twos and threes as I was making up for missed days.


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