Stop Motion Animation

When Viniyata and I met to shoot our animation, it became clear that our original idea was not feasible to shoot on the floor. So, we quickly reconsidered what the strengths of our idea were and considered what we could do with them. We realized that we had not one, but two charismatic little monsters. We also had the fact that we were learning stop motion animation.

We decided to combine those two facts and create an animation about the animation process. The sequence would include us setting up the stage, adjusting the camera, and beginning to animate the first monster. Then, the second, larger monster would eat the first, as new ideas consuming the old. Finally, the larger monster would lunge at the camera, turning on its creators.

This was a lot of fun to shoot, even though we had a couple of problems. The little monster was not designed to bear any weight, to having him old things mean that his arms would slowly move as we were shooting. Also, the large monster wasn’t designed to walk, so making that animation was tricky. However, in the end I think the animation was pretty successful.

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